50 Delicious Vegan Christmas Cookie Recipes. (2024)

When the holiday mood strikes, there’s nothing like baking a batch of delicious cookies. Browse this collection of 50 vegan Christmas cookies to find the perfect recipe for your holiday gatherings! Whether you like chewy cookies, cut outs, gingerbread, or no-bake cookies, there’s something here for you.

50 Delicious Vegan Christmas Cookie Recipes. (1)

Have you started your holiday baking yet? Or at least started to look at Christmas cookie recipes?

There are so many delicious possibilities out there. If you have a dairy or egg allergy, or if you’re following a vegan diet, there are tons of amazing vegan Christmas cookie recipes to choose from.

Cutout cookies, gingerbread cookies, no-bakes, pumpkin spice cookies, shortbread…I love them all. And when they’re all warm from the oven – that’s the best! A little hot cocoa, some cookies, the tree all lit up – it’s the perfect way to spend a holiday weekend.

If you’re wondering what ingredients work best for baking vegan cookies, take a look at my guide to vegan baking substitutions.

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Photo credits: Vegan Richa, The Veg Life, The Pretty Bee, Southern Vegan Kitchen.

Vegan Baking Ingredients

Here are some ingredients to have on hand before you start your cookie baking:

  • Vegan Buttery Spread – There are lots of different options, but we like Earth Balance Spread or Baking Sticks.
  • Dairy Free Chocolate Chips – We use chocolate chips and chunks by Enjoy Life or PASCHA Chocolate, but feel free to use any brand that suits your needs.
  • Sugar – You may need organic cane sugar, brown sugar, or confectioner’s sugar to bake holiday cookies. All sugars made by Wholesome Sweeteners are vegan, and that’s what I use to make all of my dessert recipes on this site.
  • Egg Substitutes – You will need some egg replacers like ground flax seed, chia seeds, or unsweetened apple sauce
  • Dairy Free Milk – You may need non-dairy milk for some recipes. Choose one that works for your dietary needs, and has a neutral taste.
  • Full Fat Coconut Milk – This type of coconut milk comes in a can and is good for making things like frosting or fudge.
  • Seed or Nut Butter – If you’re going to make sunflower butter or peanut butter cookies, you will need your favorite nut butter or nut butter substitute.
  • Vegan Candy Canes – You can get candy canes that are vegan! Be sure to read the label. One brand to look for is Yum Earth.
  • Vegan Sprinkles – There are some brands of sprinkles and other decorations that are vegan. Of course, sprinkles are optional, but they are fun!

These are a few kitchen tools that will help your Christmas cookies to turn out well.

  • Parchment Paper – this prevents the cookies from sticking to the baking sheet
  • Cooling Rack – allows cookies to cool quicker
  • Spatula – a very thin, flexible spatula is perfect for removing cookies from the baking sheet
  • Mixer – Either a hand mixer or a stand mixer should work well for cookie dough


Oat Thumbprint Cookies from My Fussy Eater – These are chewy and made with just a few simple ingredients, like bananas, oats, and chia seed jam.

Buttery Gluten Free Linzer Cookies from The Pretty Bee – These delicious cookies can be customized with a variety of fillings. Try vegan chocolate buttercream for a rich and decadent treat.

Almond Butter Snickerdoodles from Vegan Richa – These snickerdoodles are coated with cinnamon and look so chewy and delicious.

Melomakorauna, the Greek Christmas Cookie from Veggies Don’t Bite – This traditional Green Christmas cookie recipe includes maple syrup, brandy, and crushed nuts.

No-Bake Coconut Snowballs from The Kitchn – Gluten free, nut free, and vegan, this recipe requires only a few ingredients and food processor.

Sparkly Apricot Rosemary Jewels from Spabettie – Apricot is a seasonal ingredient that really shines on top of these festive little cookies.

Hazelnut Shortbread from Ingenious Cooking – Buttery shortbread is always a favorite, and this recipe is gluten free and sugar free, too.

Soft Chocolate Almond Cookies from Veggie Inspired – Sink your teeth into these chewy, chocolatey almond cookies. This easy recipe is gluten free, too.

Checkerboard Cookies from The Pretty Bee – If you’re looking for a fancy cookie recipe that will really stand out on a cookie tray, try these chocolate and vanilla checkerboard cookies. These stunning cookies are gluten free, vegan, and top 8 allergen free.

Spicy Spelt Biscuits from Trinity’s Kitchen – Dates are the secret ingredient in this biscuits, which are refined sugar free.

Pumpkin Snickerdoodles from Vegan Richa – There’s nothing like a nice chewy pumpkin spice cookie! Enjoy these with a hot cup of tea or apple cider.

Coconut Pecan Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Woman In Real Life – If you’re looking for a light, thin cookie, these buttery treats are just the thing to make!

Cinnamon Palmiers from Vegan Board – Buttery puff pastry and cinnamon make these treats delicious and delicate!

Chewy Chocolate Coconut Cookies from The Pretty Bee – These rich chocolate cookies are rolled in delicate coconut flakes for a delicious contrast in flavor and texture.

Double Chocolate Cookies from Ceara’s Kitchen – Gooey, chocolatey, and grain free, these are a must make for those who love chocolate!

Caramel Stuffed Salted Chocolate Cookies from How to Philosophize with Cake – A luscious chocolate cookie with caramel filling and sea salt is the perfect sweet ending to a holiday meal.

Coconut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies from Yup It’s Vegan – No need for vegan buttery spread for this recipe – these sweet treats are made with coconut butter!

Eggnog Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Ari’s Menu – Eggnog and rum extract bring the flavors of the holiday season to these chewy chocolate chip cookies.

50 Delicious Vegan Christmas Cookie Recipes. (7)

Vegan Snowball CookiesfromThe Pretty Bee – Sometimes called Mexican wedding cookies, these buttery treats are rolled in powdered sugar twice for a pure, snowy appearance.

Peanut Butter Cookie Cups from Southern Vegan Kitchen – If you love the combination of PB and chocolate, you’ll want to try these cookie cups!

Coconut Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies from The Pretty Bee – You probably have all the ingredients for these oatmeal cookies in your pantry. This is a classic recipe that’s great at any time of year!

Italian Tri Color Rainbow Cookies from The Veg Life – This is another recipe that requires more work, but is truly a standout at a cookie party. The festive colors of these cookies is just right for Christmas!

Persimmon Thumbprint Cookies from Feasting on Fruit – Persimmon is a holiday fruit that doesn’t get used often enough. Try it out in this vegan cookie recipe.

Salty Sweet Toffee Cookies with Dark Chocolate from How To Philosophize with Cake – If you love salty, sweet treats, you will love this decadent recipe for toffee cookies. These are perfect for an after dinner treat.

White Chocolate Bark from Fork and Beans – When you’re short on time, a quick bark recipe can be just the thing to make! Customize this with your favorite dried fruit, seeds, or nuts.

Flourless Gingerbread Cookies from My Whole Food Life – For a flourless treat, try these chewy gingerbread cookies.

Vegan Toffee Squares from Woman in Real Life – A shortbread cookie is covered with toffee and then a rich, dark chocolate layer. This cookie is a triple threat!

Gluten Free Vegan Gingerbread Men from The Pretty Bee – These gingerbread men are just begging to be dunked into a glass of milk or a cup of cocoa. Perfect texture and flavor make thie recipe a winner.

Salted Triple Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Brownie Cookies from Ari’sMenu – With chocolate oozing out of the center, these cookies are a rich dessert worthy of a special occasion.

Crispy Chewy Peanut Butter Bites from Veggies Don’t Bite – These are an easy recipe to make when you’re in the mood for a no-bake treat with lots of flavor.

Christmas Sprinkle Cookies from Namely Marly – Give your chocolate chip cookies a festive look with fun holiday sprinkles. This is a recipe that kids will love.

Oatmeal Lace Cookies from The Pretty Bee – If you’re looking to add some variety to your dessert table, try these thin, super crisp, super light oatmeal lace cookies.

Chocolate Frosted Peppermint Cookies from Sarah Bakes G Free – These little gluten free cookies are pretty and petite. They’ll look great on a holiday dessert table.

Amaretto Snowballs from Pure Ella – A grain free recipe with just a few ingredients, this is another no-bake treats for those that love the flavor of amaretto.

Gingerbread Cookie Balls from Tasty Yummies – Get the taste of gingerbread without the baking time with this recipe for no-bake gingerbread balls.

Candy Cane Fudge from Woman in Real Life – Fudge is a classic holiday treat. The peppermint candy on top of this fudge is the perfect festive addition.

Chai Spiced Snowball Cookies from Cafe Johnsonia – Warm up this winter with a bit of chai! This is a recipe that’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Chocolate Coconut Macaroons from The Viet Vegan – I love the combination of chocolate and coconut, and these macaroons are the perfect addition to your holiday menu.

Homemade Peppermint Patties from The Pretty Bee – You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make this homemade chocolate candy!

Raspberry Almond Thumbprint Cookies from Oh She Glows – Customize this gluten free thumbprint cookie recipe with your favorite jam or jelly. Even melted chocolate could work on top of these cookies.

Almond Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Ceara’s Kitchen – A classic chocolate chip cookie is always welcome, even during the holiday months!

Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies from The Pretty Bee – Fresh cranberries add a pop of gorgeous color to these gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

No Bake Cookie Dough Bars from The Live In Kitchen – If you love cookie dough, these bars are for you! Such a fun bar to make this season.

Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle Cookies from My Darling Vegan – Chocolate peppermint cookies are a perfect way to celebrate! These are chewy and chocolatey, and always a favorite.

No Bake Fudgy Snowballs from Skinny Taste (substitute maple syrup) – You can never have too many no-bake treats as far as I’m concerned! These fudgy snowballs are easy to make ahead of time.

Snowman Cookie Pops from Petite Allergy Treats – Who doesn’t love a friendly snowman? Kiddos will love these cute little snowman cookies on lollipop sticks.

Healthier Buckeyes from The Pretty Bee – A little less sugar and the addition of flax seed make these candies a little lighter for the holidays. We love to make these with Wowbutter or Sunbutter to keep them nut free.

Chewy Coconut Sugar Cookies from Yammie’s Gluten Free Kitchen – A swirl of sweet frosting and a few colorful sprinkles make these chewy sugar cookies ready for Christmas.

Christmas Pudding Bites from Wallflower Girl – These pudding bites are made with raw ingredients – even the food coloring!

Chocolate Dipped Shortbread from The Pretty Bee – Fancy up that shortbread with a dip into some melted chocolate!

Enjoy! I hope you’ve found some new recipes to try this season!


50 Delicious Vegan Christmas Cookie Recipes. (2024)


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